Saturday, September 19, 2015

Issue 12

Issue 12 Inns, Taverns and Way Stations

Included in this issue are great articles like:

Ecology of the Lonely Inn, by Bryan Fazekas

Knights of the Hallowed Grave, by Dan Rasaiah

The Tavern of Whyestill Cross, by Travis Range

Plus our always incredible art from our Art Director Del Teigler and his crew, including Corey “Shonuff” Gelnet, John Frederick, Tim Harper, Caleb Horowitz, Martin H, Robin Irwin, Chris Letzelter, Michael Raston, Milo, Thom Wilson and JV West. As well as our regular amazing contributions by Tim Connolly, Len Lakofka, Fingolwyn, Andrew Hamilton, Ian Slater, Nicole Massey, Doug Rector and newbies like Ethan Sincox! Please get the word out to share with others, and I hope you enjoy and find it useful!


*Inns, Taverns and Way Stations* is now available for free download at this link: ... -stations/